Welcome (back) Info & Reminders

Friday, September 10, 2021 | Studio News

I'm so excited to see you next week!

For those of you returning, things will look a little different, as The Piano Room and I have changed locations this summer...

...(it looks so empty)

We made some awesome memories and some awesome music in that room ♥ Are you ready to make some more at 82 Main St? ☺ I'm still in St. Stephen just around the corner from where we were, and the piano bench is waiting for you!

Please read through the welcome (back) info and reminders below, reach out if you have any questions, and get ready to free the music in you!


Welcome Info & Reminders

  1. Lessons will be held at 82 Main St, St Stephen (unless previously arranged with the instructor).
  2. Lessons are 30 minutes each week, for 12 weeks.
  3. You can check your lesson schedule by signing into the Student Portal and clicking the CALENDAR TAB over to the left. Make sure to look peruse all the TABS for things like Lesson Notes, Attendance, Resources, and more. You can even record your   Practice  ... Play-Time! (we don't really use that 'P' word around here...we'll talk more about that when we meet.) ☺ 
  4. Returning students: remember your binder!
  5. New students: if you have a small binder at home not in use, bring it along. If not one will be provided.
  6. Please read the updated Studio Policies here.